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(For M.S. in USA)
At International Educational Services, the Online Admission Counseling (OAC) is an amalgamation of highly specialized and customized services provided to study abroad aspirants with an aim to optimize their chances of obtaining admission into the best possible universities/institutes. Applicants are provided specialized, one-on-one services from start (i.e. university selection) to finish (i.e. visa counseling). 
Profiling & University Selection – Our expert Admissions Counselors help applicants in selection of the right kind of colleges/universities
Editing of Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Essays and Resumes – Our Admissions Editors assist applicants in understanding & completing the highly qualitative aspects of foreign university applications – essays, statements of purpose, resumes etc.
Application Assistance & Counseling  - The Admissions Counselors counsel and assist applicants in filing up their application forms and review them as well
University Interview Preparation – Our OAC Staff is engaged in training applicants for university interviews
Visa Counseling – Our expert Visa Counselors assist applicants in finalizing their visa documents and also conduct mock visa interview sessions.

(Fees: $90)

For more details contact us at: admin@studymsinusa.com


  1. hi!!
    i got 288 in gre and 6.5 bands in ielts my overall engg percentage is 69....plzz can u suggest me some universities ..i know i cant get in best but atleast reputable universities ..thank you

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  15. My GRE score on Verbal is 139 and Quantitative is 152. Analytical writing 3.0 . I want to do MS in Computer science in US. Can i apply with this score ? Suggest me some good colleges?

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