Here are some of the VISA Interview Experiences from FALL 2013 session. Post your experience in the comments section.

 Approved || 26 March 2013 9:30 AM || Chennai || TAMU || MIS Fall-13 
Decision: Approved
Date/Time: 26th March 2013
University Heading to : TEXAS A&M Univ, College Station
Program + Department : MS MIS
Cost on I-20: $35,704
Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): Not funded
Work Experience : 2yrs

There were 3 guys before me in the queue for work VISAs (H1B/L1/B1) and all of them were rejected, so I was scared like anything.
Me: (scared)Good Morning.
VO: Good Morning
VO: (Looking at the I20) So you are going to Texas A&M (Seems very impressed Very Happy and gives a big smile)
Me: (In my mind,I guess my work is done Cool) Yes Sir.
VO: Which course?
Me: MS in Information Science/Studies ( as was mentioned in the I20)
VO: From where did you complete your under graduation?
Me: Pune University in 2011
VO: So how many backlogs did you have?
Me: None Sir, I was one of the toppers of my batch( with a big grin)
VO: (with a big smile) So, what does your father do?
Me: He is working in YYYY.
VO: That’s great. So who is sponsoring you.
Me: My father and I have a loan sanctioned for Rs10 Lakhs
VO: I am approving your VISA. Have fun in Texas.
Me: Thanks!
This may seem like a lot of questions but the interview lasted for less than a minute.
Visa Approved|Kolkata|TAMU|Fall 2013|MSCS 
8:30 slot
No question asked about funding

questions asked
ans:I started with my research interest lies in blah.. blah. interrupted me when i had just started.
2.which other universities did you apply
ans: Had named 3-4 out of 7. VO cuts me short
3. why are you going for masters.
ans: I want to work with a R & D team of a mnc for that i need some research exp
4.Is it a thesis course
ans: yes
5.What does your father do?
6. How long have you been working with the current company
ans:2 yrs and 8 months

asked for finger prints. kept the passport in the box
 Approved || 28th May 8:30 AM || Delhi || CMU ETC || FALL 2013 
Decision: APPROVED
Consulate: Delhi - 28th May 8:30 AM
University: Carnegie Mellon University
Course: Masters in Entertainment Technology

Hello Everybody!

I had my VI today. I'm leaving out the OFC Appointment because it is very simple and nothing to be explained there. I took a total of 15 mins there to go in and come out.

On the day of the VI, I reached at 8:00 AM for the appointment at 8:30 AM. They let us in at 8:15 AM. 

At the entrance they stapled my DS - 160, Appointment Letter, I-20 and SEVIS Receipt onto the back of my passport and asked if I had any electronics on me. 

we were ushered inside where we were frisked and any beep sound and you were asked to take it out.

Then, we came out to an open sort of area where they were displaying the token numbers being served right now (being interviewed) and the numbers that were in queue. A person there was letting people into the building after some interval. My token number was H108 (H - for Student Visas F1). There were hardly any Student Visa seekers at this time. When around H102-H103 were queued inside, they sent me in. 

There inside, there was a short queue for Counters 1-7 where they took fingerprints and matched it to the previous records they stored at the OFC Appointment. After this they sent me ahead where the VI's were taking place.

As I said, there were hardly any students seeking VISA. I tried to talk to a guy and he was holding an A-type of token number (eg. A105, A160). I was very curious about this type of number because MOST OF the visa applicants were of this type. It was B-1 Visa applicants. I was totally surprised that there are SO many B-1 Applicants. Shocked
So I waited there for about 20 mins (not sure, they took my watch Brick wall). 
In front of me were loads of families applying for Visa. about 50-60% of all the people were families applying for B-1. I was worried a bit because every single one of those VO's were grilling people. I couldn't hear most of the conversations because it was so crowded and children were screaming around. Neutral
There was a separate counter which was only handling F-1 Student Visa's. My number flashed and I went into the queue at Counter No. 3.

In front of me in the queue were 2 girls and 1 guy was being interviewed. I was surprised to see that the VO was asking question after question and then waiting 2 mins (typing typing typing) after every question and the applicant was just staring round doing nothing. this went on for about another 10 mins (for 1 person!). Made me a bit more nervous than I actually felt. After his VISA was approved, I sighed relief because he ultimately got it. Then the two girls' Visa was also very similar (about 5-8 mins each). I was getting nervous by the minute. Oh but thanks to Edulix one thing that everyone seems to stress on for the VI was to SMILE. I had taken that advice to the heart and every few seconds I caught myself and made myself smile. It does reduce nerves and helps relax. Guys its an awesome technique! The girls got the VISA approved too so it boosted my confidence. My turn.

The VO was in his early 30s and bald and smiling. 

Me: (Passing him the passport) Hello Officer. Good morning! (Smile Very Happy)
VO: Good morning!

VO: Hmm.. So which university are you going for?
Me: Sir, I'm going to Carnegie Mellon University for doing my Masters in Entertainment Technology.

VO: Entertainment Technology?
Me: Yes Sir. (I thought now he'll grill me what this actually is. Oh well I HAD prepared for this too! Wink )

VO: Hmm so where @(*$&(#*@$& from?
Me: Pardon sir?

VO: Hmm so where @(*$&(#*@$& from?
Me: Pardon sir? I can't hear you properly. (He wasn't speaking into the mic.)

VO: Hmm so where did you do you B.Tech. from?
Me: Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka.

VO: Which Universities did you apply to?
Me: CMU, USC, UoU, UCF, RIT and Drexel (full forms, in one breath Laughing )

VO: Who will sponsor you?
Me: Mom and Dad and my personal savings.

VO: (Without waiting for a heartbeat) Your Visa has been Approved sir. Have a nice day.
Me: (BIG SMILE) Thank you! Thank you Very much!

That's it! Took all of 40-50 seconds.
I name the University and its next to done! I'm pretty sure that's the case considering what happened to 3 people before me! 

But people, one advice ONLY. 
That boosts ur confidence, makes you calm, focused and you believe that you can do it.

Decision: Approved
Date/Time: 21 st March 2013
University Heading to : University at Albany , SUNY
Program + Department : MS Computer Science
Cost on I-20: $28,323
Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): Not funded
Work Experience : 1 yr

I entered consulate by 10.30 as i had my interview at 11.00...
I had my OFC a day before. I saw the same people whom i got to see during my OFC. Most of them were couples who were going to their progeny (probably i think). There were few H1 and H4 applicants too. But i barely found F1 applicants as this is an odd season. After my formality checks i went in and i was guided by representatives over there. Finally i reached my waiting point where people are issued with tokens and numbers on them. Co-incidently my alphabetical token were moving at low pace. I was tensed early but later on i got bored (I waited for 1 1/2 hr Mad ). Then my token number flashed on the screen and there was an announcement too. I went to the counter where i was intended to go. I found a queue of 2 members infront of me. I was confused (as i don't have any prior experience of attending visa interview). I asked a man standing infront of me " Is this the place where we are interviewed?" He replied "YES". I dreamt of other scene (an old aged officers wearing spectacles and peeping into every document which we take with us and asking me all the irrelevant questions in the world EmbarassedEmbarassed:oopsSmile. All the three cabins infront of me had lady officers who were so polite and seemed like granting visa for everyone whom they confront SmileSmile. Then everything for me got positive and i thought i will definitely get it.
I was called for the interview.

VO: Can i get your passport?
ME: For sure... (with a smile)
VO: Which school are you going to? Give me your I20
ME: University at Albany, SUNY
VO: why this university?
ME: I wanted do my specialization in network security and this university has faculty who are well experienced in this area (and i mentioned some names). There is a lot of research work going on this area in collaboration with NY state govt. There are about 30-35 projects going on at CTG....(she interrupted me)
VO: Who is sponsoring you?
ME: My father and i have a bank loan of XX
VO: What does your father do?
ME: He works as XX for XX company and his annual income is XX
VO: What have you done in your bachelor's?
ME: I belong to electronics background
VO: Then why are you opting for computer science?
ME: I confronted with some subjects of computer science domain in my bachelor's. Where it interested me more to do my specialization in this field.
VO: When did you graduate?
ME: 2011
VO: what did you do from then?
ME: I worked as XX for XX company and even this enhanced my interest towards computer science.
VO: What are scores for GRE, Toefl?
ME: MY GRE is 305 and my IELts score is 7.5
VO: Do you have any backlogs?
VO: Can you place your left hand fingers on that green thing (I knew its granted already)
ME: yes
VO: Your VISA IS approved......(I didnt hear the next few lines she said as i was on cloud 9 already).
ME: thank you, have a great day
VO: (With a big smile) YA too....

She didn't even check a single document of mine (but we need to take them as we are not aware of the kind of officer we are going to ...)
That was my experience and i am heading to my university.

DAY 1, OFC : 15th may, 8:00 AM

Reached the centre around 7:30 AM and there was a big queue standing outside the building. Dont get any bags as they are not allowed inside. Make sure that you only carry your DS-160 confirmation, VISA application form and Passport. 
Was let inside by 8:00 AM and came out by 8:15 AM after giving my fingerprints.
Cell phones are allowed in switched off mode.

DAY 2, VI-Chennai Consulate, 7:30 AM

Reached the consul around 6:45 AM and the place was already crowded. 
After security checks, reached the main building where the interviews are held at around 8:15 AM.

My interviewer turned out to be a really nice person, Smiling and jovial. He approved all F1 visa's for applicants who went before me. I was preparing myself for a 221g (generally most of the students wanting to do an aerospace degree at the US end up getting a 221g).

Here is my VI:
VO: Good morning! How are you doing?
me: Good morning sir, doing good thanks. How are you?
VO: Good thank you. Pls pass me your passport.
me: Sure sir
VO: Whats your UG degree ?
me: Aerospace
VO: Whats your percentage?
me: 8.81 sir on a 10 point scale
VO: I know, thats a very good score, I am approving your VISA. Enjoy your stay at Cincinnati. 
me: Thank you sir! Have a wonderful day!
Didnt even turn back. Just ran outside.
He didnt look at my I-20, didnt ask me for my university also Very Happy

Visa Approved
Mumbai Embassy
31st May 7 45am

VO: What are you going to study at Rochester?
ME: Master of Science in Computer Science

VO: When did you graduate?
ME: 2012

VO: What have you been doing since then?
ME: Working as a Software Engg since 11 months at Global eProcure

VO: What did you major in during your undergrad?
ME: Chemical Engg

VO: How will you fund your education?
ME: I have a 40% scholarship and the rest will be sponsored by my father, grandfather, and grandmother

VO: Is this a full grant or do you have to pay it back to the Uni?
ME: No mam, full grant.

VO: What do you father, grandfather and grandmother do?
ME: Told

VO: What is your fathers annual income?

VO: Okay, I am approving your visa. 
ME: Thank you ma'am
My first attempt at Mumbai consulate got rejected.
Reason: due to academic reasons....
BE: 66
Univs applied: 4( 3 rej 1 admit)
Admitted univ: MTU ( Ms EE)
Any suggestions for sec. attempt? Should I change the consulate? Any help wud be appreciated........seniors plz help!!!!!!!
VO: gud mrning sir plz pass the documents........
me: gud mrng mam (passed the docs: passport + I20)
VO: which univ?
me: MTU
VO:How many univs applied? How many admits and rejs? Name them?
me:Applied to 4 univs. ASU, Oklahoma State univ, Minnesota, MTU and admit from only MTU for EE
VO: why ASU?
me: it provides good courses in embedded sys.
VO: any backlogs?
me: yes 3
VO:why MTU?
me: the university provides good courses like emb sys design, gpu mpu programming, VLSI and also current research is in line with my interest.
I named three profs and their research.
VO: who's sponsoring u?
me: my father.
VO;whats his annual income?
meMadx lacs mam.
(typing into comp.......)
VO:sry sir i cannot approve ur Visa bcuase of acads.


VISA Rejected || Mumbai || 20th May || University of Washington || MSIM 
Had my VI today and got a reject.

Here is the transcript of my interview. Would be grateful if seniors can provide their inputs.

ME: Good Morning (Passed passport and I - 20)

VO: What have you been doing in India?
ME: Working in an IT company for the past 10 months

VO: When did you graduate and in what field?
ME: Told Month Year of grad and my undergrad degree

VO: Who is sponsoring you?
ME: Parents and I have a education loan of 20L Rs

VO: What do they do?
ME: Dad is DGM in XYZ Bank and has been working for past 35years. Mom is a house wife but she has inherited wealth from her parents, and they both have sufficient funds to sponsor me.

VO: Dads annual income?
ME: 10-12 Lacks.

VO: Sorry we can't grant you a visa at the moment. Gives me 214(b)


Approved || Chennai || UNCC || MS CS || May 23rd 2013/8:30 AM 
Status: Approved
Univ: UNCC
Profile: 1210(309)/99/7.11
Consulate: Chennai
Date/Time: 23rd May 2013/8:30 AM
Counter No.: 17

VO was lean and tall. Looked very calm. Approved 2 people before me.
my VI lasted about a minute.

Here goes,

Me: Hello and good morning sir.
VO: ...
VO: pass on your documents.
Me: Sure.
VO: Which university?
Me: UNCC (full form)
VO: Where else did you apply?
Me: UTA,UTD,NEU,IUB,Ohio state
VO: typing...
VO: backlogs?
Me: a couple sir.
VO: what??...oh two?
Me: yes sir, two.
VO: when did you have your backlogs?
Me: 2nd and final year sir.
VO: pass me your gre scorecard.
Me: Sure sir, passed gre and toefl scorecards
VO: when did you pass out?
Me: 2012
VO: What have you been doing since then?
Me: Worked in Wipro technologies for about 7 months.
Now attending a course on MS SQL Server(Lied).
VO: typing...
VO: your Visa is approved. You can pick up your passport in 3 days.
Me: Thank you sir. Thank you very much.

Approved ||Hyd||May 28th||MS in CS || UGA|| Fall 2013 
My Visa experience

Consulate :Hyderabad
University : University of Georgia, Athens
Date : 28th may
Decision : Approved


VO : Hi, how's ur day ? pass me ur passport.
Me : Fine *passes passport*
VO: So how was ur day ? Pass me ur documents
Me : Fine *passes DS160, I20, SEVIS*

VO: When did u pass out ?
Me: 2010
VO: What are u doing since then ?
Me: Working for Collabera Solns Pvt Ltd.

VO: Oh ur GRE score is good. Which all univs u recieved admit from *starts typing*
Me: GMU and UGA !
VO: So why UGA ?
Me: blah blah blah
VO: So what will u do after MS ?
Me: Told
VO: Totally busy typing and unattentive to my answers now
VO: Now place ur right hand for finger print. What will u do after MS ?
Me: Told again !
VO: *keeps my passport* Any backlogs ?
Me: None !
VO: Ok thanks !
VO: Oh ! And I have approved ur visa !

She stopped asking serious questions after seeing my GRE score which wasn't that great - 323. 


Approved || 24th May 7:30 AM || Chennai || ASU || MS - CS - Fall-2013 
OFC Appointment: 23rd, 8 AM

VI: 24th at 7:30 AM 

Reached the consulate at 6 AM. I was the first one there. Shocked Waited for an hour till they let us in. 

Had the interview at around 8 and this is how it went:

VO was a lady in her 30s. 

VO: Good morning. How are you?
Me: Morning ma'am. Good and you?
VO: I'm good too. Which University?
Me: Arizona State University.
VO: Which course?
Me: Masters in Computer Science.
VO: When did you graduate?
Me: 2012
VO: How many backlogs?
Me: None 
VO: Who's paying for your education?
Me: My father and I have an education loan of 20L.
VO: What does your father do?
Me: Told.
VO: Your visa is approved. Have a nice stay in the US. Smile

Very Happy
Approved || 16th May 10.00 a.m. || Mumbai || ASU || Fall-2013 
Hi Guys,
Following is my VI experience

Me: Good morning sir. How are you today?
VO: no answer

VO: Which University you are going yo?
ME: Arizona State University

VO: Who all amongst your friends are goin with you?
Me : No one sir.

VO: Let us assume seats are ASU are full now and they connot give to admit, which college you will go to then?
ME: In that case, amongst my other admits i will go to NEU

VO:So why ASU?
told about courses and research etc..

VO: Who is sponsering?
ME: My father and i have a loan of XX lacs from a bank.

VO: Okay, I am approving your visa.
ME: Thank you sir. Have a nice day

I have my sister at US. No question about that was asked. Neither did he asked me for any other document.

Be confident. All the best .


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