Continental Europe's financial heart is also its most popular study destination. With the rising cost of education in USA and UK , most people are now looking at alternative options like studying in Germany. Universities in Germany include some of the most prestigious institutions in Western  Europe. Its highest ranked in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings is Technische Universität München (53rd), followed by Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg (55th). 
Beyond that, every major German city you can think of has at least one ranking university – and with 11 universities in the top 200, and a total of 42 making the rankings overall, you won’t struggle to find a high quality institution. Many of these are newer establishments, which have climbed into the world rankings in no time at all, demonstrating the strength of the German system.
Top it all off with a famously friendly and tolerant population, and decent prospects on graduation, and it’s easy to see why so many international students opt to study in Germany each year.

1. Great Quality of Education
2. Good Job Oppertunities
3. Friendly Environment
4. And Most importantly the COST FACTOR !!!
Most German Universities do not charge any fees, but some do (Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hamburg – all which are home to popular universities); though at a maximum of €500 per semester, which is exceptionally cheap. Education in Germany is subsidized by the government and even the non EU citizens pay this subsidized fees.  Living expenses depends on the place you are living in and also on your lifestyle. Average monthly expenditure of international students studying in Germany is around €800 per month, which you can easily earn by doing a part time side job. But the problem that most international students face is that most universities in Germany teach in German. Now that is a big problem for students from many international students. But now there are a growing number of Universities which provides master's and doctoral courses taught in English.
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