Let us make profile evaluation more interactive. Post your  GRE score (Verbal, Quant, AWA) , TOEFL(Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) score and Academic qualifications (College name, Degree, subject, research work, internship, job experience etc.) along with entry term(eg. FALL 2014) and the course (eg. MS/PhD in Computer Science) that you want to pursue in USA.

We will provide you with a list of universities matching your qualification. Moreover if you have a good knowledge about the US universities then you can share your expertise and help others by evaluating their profile, since sometimes it is not possible for us to evaluate everyone's profile.


Those who have got admission offers please go the admits/rejects page and post your profile along with the universities that you got admission and the universities from which you got rejected unluckily. In this way the prospective students can get an idea of where he or she might get admission in.

Also those who have given their visa interviews, please post about your experience in the visa interview page.

All the Best! 


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