admission process
   If you plan to study MS in USA you better start preparing everything one year before you want to take admission. For example if you want to take admission in FALL 2014 session , then you should start your admission process from August 2013.

Step 1: Prepare well and take the GRE and TOEFL exam. If you plan to get into the top 200 universities of USA then better prepare hard and try to score 305+ in GRE and 90+ TOEFL. These are the minimum score required for admission in most of the Universities whose rank lies between 150-200. But if you want to study in the top universities be sure to score 320+ in GRE and 100+ in TOEFL. Those of you who donot have much idea about GRE you can log on to . GRE exam is of 340 marks - 150 verbal + 150 Quantitative. Plus there is an analytical writing section which is score out of 6. TOEFL is of 120 marks . My more details about TOEFL in .

Step 2: Next step is preparing your admission documents. First of all send the GRE and TOEFL score online to the universities you plan to apply. Most universities have a deadline of 15th December for FALL admission. Fill the online application forms and send all your transcripts. You will also need to submit a Statement of Purpose stating why you want to study in their university and also most universities require 3 recommendation letters.

Step 3: If you are an international student then you would be required to submit the affidavit of financial support , showing that you have the money required for your studies in USA. Most public universities would cost you between 30000$-40000$ per year   and private universities would cost you 40000$-50000$ per year. This amount is for international students including tuition fees and living expenses.However some public universities may cost you more than 40000$ per year and some private universities can cost you more than 50000$ per year. Of course you can reduce that expenses by doing side jobs or applying for teaching assistanceship and scholarships.

Step 4: Once you have been admission to a university , the next step is to let the college know that you will take admission and pay the required admission fee. Then college will send you the I-20 form which is required for applying for a VISA. Once you get your visa (F-1/J-1) then just get ready to have an amazing college experience.