Saturday, January 26, 2013


 1. Why am I being offered a free retest?
The GRE Program has recently implemented another review process of individual
test performance for the computer-based GRE General Test Verbal and Quantitative
sections. The purpose of the process is to analyze each test taker’s performance data
to determine if the test presented to the individual was an appropriate selection of test
questions by the computer. It appears that in a very small number of cases, the
computer algorithm may not have functioned as effectively as intended. As a result,
ETS® is offering these test-takers the option of taking a free retest on the affected
section only. In this optional retest effort, the GRE® Program is attempting to be as
fair as possible to all examinees.

2. Why was my score identified as possibly being affected?
There are multiple conditions that operate when the computer algorithm selects test
questions for the Verbal and Quantitative sections. Among these conditions are the
selection of various item types and the selection of differing content. In addition to
these conditions, the computer-adaptive algorithm considers the examinee’s
performance on the previous questions and the statistical properties of the questions.
On your test, it appears that the computer algorithm may have selected a more limited
range of test questions than is desirable; no other part of the General Test was
affected. Because you may have experienced this irregularity, we are offering you a
free retest of the affected section.

3. How can I know whether it is to my advantage to retest?
There is no way to predict what might happen to your score. If you choose to retest,
your score can go up, down, or remain the same.

4. What if I do not want to retest?
If you decide not to retest, your original score will remain on your testing record.

5. If I take the free retest, can I take all the test sections again?
No. A free retest voucher is being provided to you for the affected section only. If you
retake more than the affected section, official scores for those additional sections will
not be reported to you or to your designated score recipients.

6. Since I will be taking only the affected section again, what do I have to do when I
begin the test?

After you go through the general directions, you will see a screen on which you can
select the section(s) to retake. You should select only the section(s) listed on your

7. If I mistakenly select two test sections at the test center when I have been
approved for only one test section, what should I do?

Please contact the test administrator.

8. I’ve decided to retest but am unable to schedule a retest in time to meet
application/fellowship deadlines. What should I do?

If you are in the United States, U.S. Territories or Canada, contact the GRE Program
toll free at 1-866-473-4373 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 7:45 p.m. Eastern Time for
assistance. For all other locations, contact the GRE Program at 1-609-771-7670 or
If you need to expedite the score reporting process in order to meet deadlines, inform
your designated score recipients that they can contact the GRE Program at 1-609-683-
2002 to obtain your retest score.

9. How and when will my original and retest scores be reported?
The scores from your original test were reported to the institutions that you requested
through the standard reporting process. If you take the free retest, the retest score for
the affected section will REPLACE the original score on your permanent record. A
revised score report will be sent to you and your designated score recipients within 10-
15 days after testing. If a department to which you are applying needs the score sooner,
the department can contact the GRE Program at 1-609-683-2002 or

10. What are score recipients told about my scores?
Your scores on the test you recently took were sent to your designated score recipients
as part of the regular GRE score reporting process. If you decide to retest, your
designated score recipients will be informed about the retest when the retest score for
the affected section is sent to them. The designated score recipients will be advised to
replace the original score on the affected section with the retest score. If you decide not
to retest, no additional communication will be sent to your designated score recipients.

11. How long will the voucher be valid? What happens if I cancel and reschedule?
The free retest voucher is valid for six months. If you need to cancel an appointment for
a retest, follow the appointment cancellation instructions on page 7 of the GRE
Information and Registration Bulletin. All testing policies in the GRE Bulletin are in
effect for the retest. To get a copy of the GRE Bulletin, download it at or contact the GRE Program at 1-609-771-7670 or 1-866-473-4373